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Mindful Eating Links - Fast Food, Fast Information and Slow Snacking

Many, many of our daily activities influence our eating and one that has a huge impact is our obsession with technology and the endless urge to consume more and more. Information, bad news, status updates - you name it, we’re hooked.  Lifehacker has some excellent tips on Creating an Information Diet that works.  Particularly useful are the tips in being more intentional about what we want from our time online, and noticing how the information we consume makes us feel

"Vegetables may make you feel light, whereas a heavy beef roast may put you into a food coma. A cup of coffee may wake you up. A glass of wine may relax you. Much like food and drink, the information and media we consume affects the way that we feel after we consume it."

Jean Kristeller, creator of the wonderful MB-EAT programme has a mindful eating technique to use when you want to have a snack.  Snacking can be a helpful strategy for managing our eating across the day, and Jean’s way acknowledges this by combining our inner wisdom (what is really calling to us right now?), with outer wisdom (how much is the right amount for us at this point in our day?).  It is an article that first appeared in the worlds first mindfulness magazine, Mindful.

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional fast food meal, but did you know that over-reliance on fast food restaurants may be detrimental to our minds as well as our health? Researchers have shown that exposure to fast food images seems to make us more impatient and to reduce our capacity to savour and enjoy pleasurable experiences such as images of natural beauty or a beautiful melody. Just looking at Fast-Food icons can ruin your day