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Mindful Eating Update - What We've Been Up To

It seems like such a long time ago that the evenings were dark and stormy and we were running our February and March Mindful Eating course.  The course was wonderful with a lovely group (all women this time) who worked really hard for the six weeks and brought a sense of humour to some quite difficult topics. We were delighted that the course sold out, but the downside to this was that we had to turn a few people away who I hope will be able to join us next time (more of that later).

After the course I got stuck into a little project for Wiley Publishers to act as Technical Reviewing for an upcoming book on Mindful Eating, checking for factual errors, jargon and to check that the book is pitched appropriately. This was a great opportunity to go back to the evidence about what we actually know about the effectiveness for using mindfulness for eating.  The book is in a famous book series with a yellow cover, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of a team working together to combine the "no nonsense" approach of the series with the kindness and self-compassion that is part of mindfulness.

In early June mindfulness teacher Alicia Gardner and myself ran a day of mindfulness practice for current and past course participants in the grounds of St Hugh's College. We were blessed with the most gorgeous summers day and Alicia and I made sure that we built in ample time for walking in the grounds, basking (mindfully) in the warmth of the sun and admiring the beautiful floral borders.  Our apologies to any students that we scared with our mindful walking practice - at first glance it can look a teeny bit like a zombie invasion.

A really important part of living mindfully is making sure that life has a good balance of work and play and I have been fitting in plenty of quality time in my garden over the last few months, and also some doing creative things with flowers, like this ...

Sophie's Floral arrangement

Next up will be some writing rather than editing; I will be contributing to an update of a classic book for dietitians by contributing a section on mindfulness and it can be useful for both patients and practitioners alike. 

Plans are slowly coming together for our next Mindful Eating course.  At the moment it looks like the course will start in October, again in Summertown (Oxford).  Last time if felt like there were a few helpful aspects of mindful eating that there just wasn't time to spare, so I am toying with the idea of a slightly longer course, perhaps 8 weeks rather than 6.  If you'd like to hear about it as soon the places are released then do sign up for our newsletter.