comfort eating

Another way to choose your comfort food

Some come to mindfulness and mindful eating with a goal of eliminating comfort eating from their lives.  It doesn't take a big leap to see how making a really rigid goal out of this intention can become another form of punishment and a target for rumination and regret.  It’s completely normal human behaviour to sometimes turn to food to see if it will lighten an unpleasant mood. What can be a problem is when eating is our only and overused strategy for making ourself feel better .

What our alternative strategies might be is a whole topic for another day, but there is another factor that we can bring into play. We can experiment with, and really pay attention to how the foods we choose for comfort make us feel. 

We might habitually turn to something sweet, crunchy or creamy to do the job, but one some days might we be better served by something warm and brothy, or bland and chewy? 

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