Want to know what mindful eating is all about ?

in short .... it’s about cultivating a comfortable, enjoyable and sustainable relationship with food through mindfulness-based practices

Mindful Eating is about bringing the core of mindfulness; paying attention, in the present moment, with compassion and without judgement, and applying it to the full experience of eating.  From our thoughts about food, weight and our bodies across the day, to savouring the experience of eating through to attending to the many signals that might help us to decide when and how much to eat.

Mindfulness and mindfulness-based eating awareness can be useful in a number of different situations:

  • Mindful eating for a health weight
  • an invaluable addition to your toolbox in preparation for or after bariatric surgery
  • Eating healthily to manage a long-term health condition while still enjoying your food
  • Binge eating and overeating
  • Making long term weight maintenance enjoyable and sustainable
  • Eating well and looking after yourself during busy and stressful times